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What is Openrate.biz

Employees of the company OPENRATE LIMITED are serious professional specialists in the field of cryptocurrency trading, which in their activities cover various segments of the online market and trade not only the most popular of them - Bitcoin, but also Ethereum, Litecoin and other promising currencies with high potential.

Our company pays special attention to the development of effective trading strategies, as well as risk diversification (trading multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously).
Thanks to this approach, it's possible to achieve rapid growth in income, as well as maintain an excellent reputation for the stable attraction of external investment capital.

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The site's work is absolutely transparent for all users, without exception. The Investment conditions, statistics, all documents and terms & conditions are open for everyone.
All user data is stored in encrypted form and isn't transferred to anyone. We also use advanced solutions to ensure maximum website accessibility and protection.
The company provides profitable investment conditions for your passive income. A competitive advantage of our tariff plan is the possibility to freely return your deposit at any time.
Openrate has an officially registered company in the United Kingdom and works on the basis of registration documents. All information about certificate and company's contact address is available for public viewing.
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3% daily
for unlimited days
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Principal return at any time
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The affiliate program provides referral comissions from your partner's daily income up to 4 referral lines. You will receive referral commission if your referral and you have an active deposit.

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